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The urge among bird watchers to "twitch" or "tick" as many species as possible is well known and widely spread. We feel the same about herptiles. Birds move around quite a lot and with more than 400 possible twitches, twitching in Sweden only makes a lot of sense. With 19 herptile species available and no Siberian species blown of route we have to do the travelling ourselves.

Here are our rules:

  • species within the species list must be seen or heard within the area covered by Arnold (basically Europe)
  • specimens must be alive
  • specimens must be observed in the wild

and of course:

  • never hurt an animal
  • respect restrictions to handle special species in some countries
  • respect private land
  • contribute to the conservation of herpetofauna in Europe

Twitching Lists

Want to keep your observations organised? Want to optimise your holiday trip? Here are the lists for you! Handy Excel documents prepared by Lasse.

Please feel free to use these lists. At the moment available in Swedish only.

Systematic twitching list (in Swedish)

Country list (in Swedish)

Club 100, observed species

This is a list of species observed by club 100 members. L=Lasse, P=Per, T=Tommi and A=Anders.
List updated 2 June 2006.

Speleomantes italicus Italian Cave Salamander A
Speleomantes strinatii North Italian Cave Salamander A
Speleomantes supramontis Sopramonte Cave Salamander AP
Proteus anguinus Olm TL
Calotriton asper Pyrenean Brook Newt PTL
Euproctus montanus Corsican Brook Newt TL
Pleurodeles waltl Sharp-ribbed Newt AP
Salamandra atra Alpine Salamander P
Salamandra corsica Corsican Fire Salamander APTL
Salamandra salamandra Fire Salamander APTL
Salamandrina prespicillata Northern Spectacled Salamander A
Mesotriton alpestris Alpine Newt PTL
Lissotriton boscai Bosca's Newt APTL
Triturus carnifex Italian Crested Newt A
Triturus cristatus Northern Crested Newt APTL
Triturus macedonicus Macedonian Crested Newt PTL
Triturus marmoratus Marbled Newt P
Lissotriton helveticus Palmate Newt APTL
Lissotriton italicus Italian Newt A
Triturus pygmaeus Southern Marbled Newt APTL
Lissotriton vulgaris Common Newt APTL
Bufo bufo Common Toad APTL
Epidalea calamita Natterjack APTL
Epidalea viridis Green Toad APTL
Alytes obstetricans Common Midwife Toad APTL
Bombina bombina Fire-bellied Toad APTL
Bombina variegata Yellow-bellied Toad APTL
Discoglossus montalentii Corsican Painted Frog APTL
Discoglossus pictus Painted Frog AL
Discoglossus sardus Tyrrhenian Painted Frog APTL
Hyla arborea Common Tree Frog APTL
Hyla intermedia Italian Tree Frog AP
Hyla meridionalis Stripeless Tree Frog APTL
Hyla sarda Tyrrhenian Tree Frog APTL
Pelobates cultripes Western Spadefoot APTL
Pelobates fuscus Common Spadefoot APTL
Pelobates syriacus Eastern Spadefoot TL
Pelodytes ibericus Iberian Parsley Frog TL
Pelodytes punctatus Parsley Frog AP
Lithobates catesbeianus American Bullfrog A
Pelophylax bedriagae Levant Water Frog TL
Pelophylax cretensis Cretan Water Frog PTL
Pelophylax epeiroticus Epirus Water Frog APTL
Pelophylax kl. esculentus Edible Frog APTL
Pelophylax kurtmuelleri Greek Marsh Frog APTL
Pelophylax lessonae Pool Frog APTL
Pelophylax perezi Iberian Water Frog APTL
Pelophylax ridibundus Marsh Frog APTL
Pelophylax shqipericus Albanian Pool Frog PTL
Rana arvalis Moor Frog APTL
Rana bedriagae Levant Water Frog TL
Rana dalmatina Agile Frog APTL
Rana graeca Balkan Stream Frog APTL
Rana iberica Iberian Frog PTL
Rana italica Italian Stream Frog AP
Rana pyrenaica Pyrenean Frog PTL
Rana temporaria Common Frog APTL
Laudakia stellio Starred Agama PTL
Blanus cinereus Iberian Worm Lizard AP
Anguis fragilis Slow Worm APTL
Pseudopus apodus European Glass Lizard PTL
Chamaeleo chamaeleon Mediterranean Chameleon TL
Mediodactylus kotschyi Kotschy's Gecko APTL
Euleptes europaea European Leaf-toed Gecko TL
Hemidactylus turcicus Turkish Gecko APTL
Tarentola delalandii Tenerife Gecko A
Tarentola mauritanica Moorish Gecko APTL
Acanthodactylus erythrurus Spiny-footed Lizard PTL
Algyroides fitzingeri Pygmy Algyroides APTL
Algyroides marchi Spanish Algyroides PTL
Algyroides moreoticus Greek Algyroides APTL
Algyroides nigropunctatus Dalmatian Algyroides PTL
Gallotia galloti Tenerife Lizard AP
Lacerta agilis Sand Lizard APTL
Anterolacerta Ortzeni Ortzeni's Rock Lizard TL
Archaeolacerta bedriagae Bedriaga's Rock Lizard PTL
Darevskia praticola Meadow Lizard P
Lacerta bilineata Western Green Lizard APTL
Iberolacerta aranica Aran Rock Lizard PTL
Iberolacerta aurelioi Aurelio's Rock Lizard TL
Iberolacerta bonnali Bonnali Rock Lizard PTL
Iberolacerta cyreni Spanish Rock Lizard APTL
Iberolacerta galani Leon Rock Lizard P
Hellenolacerta graeca Greek Rock Lizard TL
Timon lepidus Ocellated Lizard APTL
Iberolacerta martinezricai Pena de Francia Rock Lizard P
Iberolacerta monticola Iberian RockLizard APTL
Dinarolacerta mosorensis Mosor Rock Lizard PTL
Dalmatolacerta oxycephala Sharp-snouted Rock Lizard PTL
Lacerta schreiberi Schreiber's GreenLizard TL
Lacerta trilineata Balkan Green Lizard APTL
Lacerta viridis Green Lizard APTL
Zootoca vivipara Viviparous Lizard APTL
Ophisops elegans Snake-eyed Lacertid TL
Podarcis bocagei Bocage's WallLizard PTL
Podarcis carbonelli Carbonell's WallLizard TL
Podarcis erhardii Erhard's Wall Lizard APTL
Podarcis cretensis Cretan Wall Lizard APTL
Podarcis filfolensis Maltese Wall Lizard L
Podarcis hispanicus Iberian Wall Lizard APTL
Podarcis lilfordi Lilford's WallLizard PL
Podarcis liolepis Catalonian WallLizard APTL
Podarcis melisellensis Dalmatin Wall Lizard PTL
Podarcis milensis Milos Wall Lizard P
Podarcis muralis Common Wall Lizard APTL
Podarcis peloponnesiacus Peloponnese WallLizard APTL
Podarcis pityusensis Ibiza Wall Lizard PL
Podarcis siculus Italian Wall Lizard APTL
Podarcis tauricus Balkan Wall Lizard APTL
Podarcis tiliguerta Tyrrhenian Wall Lizard APTL
Podarcis vaucheri Andalusian Wall Lizard APLT
Psammodromus algirus Large Psammodromus APTL
Psammodromus hispanicus Spanish Psammodromus AP
Tiera dugesii Madeira Lizard T
Ablepharus kitaibelii Snake-eyed Skink APTL
Chalcides bedriagai Bedriaga's Skink P
Chalcides chalcides Italian Three-toedSkink AP
Chalcides ocellatus Ocellated Skink APTL
Chalcides striatus Western Three-toed Skink ATL
Chalcides viridianus West Canary Skink P
Euprepis auratus Levant Skink TL
Ophiomorus punctatissimus Limbless Skink AP
Dolichophis caspius Large Whip Snake APTL
Hierophis gemonensis Balkan Whip Snake APTL
Hemorrhois hippocrepis Horseshoe Whip Snake TL
Dolichophis jugularis Black Whip Snake TL
Platyceps najadum Dahl's Whip Snake PT
Hierophis viridiflavus Western Whip Snake APTL
Coronella austriaca Smooth Snake APTL
Coronella girondica Southern Smooth Snake ATL
Zamenis longissimus Aesculapian Snake TL
Elaphe quatuorlineata Four-lined Snake PTAL
Rhinechis scalaris Ladder Snake APTL
Macroprotodon brevis False Smooth Snake P
Malpolon insignitus Eastern Montpellier Snake AP
Malpolon monspessulanus Montpellier Snake APTL
Natrix maura Viperine Snake APTL
Natrix natrix Grass Snake APTL
Natrix tessellata Dice Snake APTL
Telescopus fallax Cat Snake PTL
Zamenis situla Leopard Snake P
Vipera ammodytes Nose-horned Viper APTL
Vipera aspis Asp Viper ATL
Vipera berus Adder APTL
Vipera latastei Lataste's Viper APL
Vipera seoanei Seoane's Viper ATL
Montivipera xanthina Ottoman Viper AP
Mauremys leprosa Spanish Terrapin APTL
Mauremys rivulata Balkan Terrapin APTL
Caretta caretta Loggerhead Turtle A
Emys orbicularis European Pond Tortoise APTL
Trachemys scripta Red-eared Terrapin TL
Testudo graeca Spur-thighed Tortoise APTL
Eurotestudo hermanni Hermann's Tortoise APTL
Testudo marginata Marginated Tortoise PTL

Lasse (L): 122 observed species
Tommi (T): 119 observed species
Per (P): 121 observed species
Anders (A): 100 observed species
Total club100.net: 153 observed species